Panthers pounce Eagles with 24-0 defeat

Crossett’s Lamonte Gillum collides with a Magnolia player as the Panthers try to move the ball down the field Friday. The Panthers were ultimately able to defeat the Eagles 24-0.

The Crossett Eagles hung with the Magnolia Panthers for nearly three quarters, but before the night was over the Panthers shut them out 24 - 0.

The Eagle defense fought the Panthers hard. Tyreke Caldwell grabbed a pick, DeeRaymond Herman forced a fumble and recovered it and Trent Pullin and Javote Jones were both credited with sacks.

The Panther defense kept the Eagle offense off the field, only allowing only 102 total rushing yards and fifty passing yards for the entire game.

The Panthers started off with the ball, but the Eagle defense forced them to punt on their first possession with 10:33 to play in the first quarter.

Carlos Williams received the ball for Crossett and the Eagles were first and 10 on their own thirty five yard line.

Quarterback Justin Stokes was sacked on the first play of the Crossett drive, and the Eagles were second and 15.

Crossett went three and ou,t and Robert Scates came out with a 54-yard punt for the Eagles.

On the Panther second possession, they broke away with a long run and scored their first touchdown and PAT.

Eagle defender Chase Rice held their star running back, Kadyn Roach, to two yards on the first play, but on the second Roach ran it 40 yards to inside the Crossett before Rice was able to catch up and tackle him.

Kantrell Williams knocked Roach out of bounds on the next play, but on the next play Ty Washington tackled Roach — not, however, before he got a first down.

Duece Hall picked up his second tackle of the night holding Roach out of the end zone one more time, but on the next play Roach made it into the end zone for the first six points of the night.

The PAT was good and the Panthers were up 7-0 with less than eight minutes to go in the first quarter.

Magnolia intercepted the ball on Crossett’s next possession, but the defense forced them to turn the ball over on downs.

After the interception, the Panthers took over deep in Eagle territory.

Nick Goodwin and Lamonte Gillum stopped the first two run attempts bringing it to third and six yard inside Eagle territory.

Herman rushed the quarterback, and he threw it away bringing it to fourth and six.

The Panthers came out to about a 35-yard field goal, but the kick was no good and the score remained 7-0 with a little more than five minutes to play in the first quarter.

The Eagles took back over first and 10 from their own 20, but couldn’t get any points on the board.

Lawson picked up seven yards on the first play and three yards on the second, giving the Eagles a first down.

Stokes picked up 15 yards with a quarterback keeper, and the Eagles were first and 10 midfield.

On the next play, Stokes handed it off to DeAndre Webb, but he was stopped, only gaining a yard.

Stokes kept the ball again and rushed for another 15 yards for the Crossett Eagle first down. Crossett was in Panther territory for the first time of the night.

Lawson picked up eight yards, bringing up seven down and two.

Stokes faked a hand off, but was tackled for a loss, bringing up third and eight from the Panther 38.

Stokes completed a pass to Scates for another Crossett Eagle first down, sending the Eagles deep into Panther territory. Amaru Gibbs caught a pass inside the 20 that looked like it was a first down, but was short about one yard.

The Panther defense stopped Lawson for a fourth and one as the clock rolled into the second quarter.

The Eagles went for it, but weren’t able to get the first down.

The Crossett defense fought off three more Magnolia possessions in the second quarter and hit the locker room at half time trailing 7-0.

Crossett began the second half with the ball, but didn’t hold on to it for long. Jaylon Lawson received the ball for the Eagles and picked up six yards, but was kocked down about the 26 yard line.

Justin Stokes attempted a throw to Amaru Gibbs bringing up second and 10.

Willie Taylor picked up five more yards on the next play, making it third and five.

Stokes ran it up the middle on the next play, but didn’t get enough yards for the first down.

Robert Scates came out with a 40-yard punt for the Eagles and Magnolia began their drive on their own 38 yard line.

Duece Hall got the stop on the first play, and Chase Rice on the second, but not before Magnolia got enough for a first down.

Magnolia picked up 26 more yards for another first down, and on the next play made it within 15 yards of the end zone and got another first down. The Eagle defense didn’t give up. They held them to third and six, but the Panthers got four yards to make first and goal from the five yard line.

DeeRaymond Herman stopped them on the 2 yard line, but on the next play the Panthers were back in the endzone for their second touchdown of the game. The PAT good was good and the score was 14-0.

Lawson returned the ball for the Eagles and picked up about ten yards and the Eagles started their drive on the 35 yard line.

Stokes handed it off to Lawson, and he picked up nine yards, bringing the Eagles to about the 44 yard line, but was just short of the first down.

Lawson lost yards on the next play, but redeemed himself by running the next play for another Eagle first down.

Stokes attempted a 10 yard pass from the Eagle 47, but it was no good. Lawson picked up another seven yards to take the Eagles to third and three.

Stokes completed a short screen pass to Carlos Williams, but it wasn’t quite enough for the first down. Crossett went for it on fourth and two. Stokes attempted a pass to Lawson, but the Panther defense was there to break it off.

The Panthers took over.

Eagle defender Kartavious Lyons tackled a Panther in the backfield for a loss, his second tackle of the game with less than five minutes to play in the third quarter.

On third and four, the Eagles held the Panther running back to only three yards and the Panthers punted.

Kantrell Williams grabbed the fair catch and the Eagles started their drive on their own 20 yard line.

Three incomplete passes brought up third and long and Stokes went for a 40-yard pass to Quentin Goree that was interrupted by pass interference on the defense.

Scates came out to punt, and the Panthers took over on the ball and attempted to run. Herman forced and recovered a fumble, bringing the Eagle offense back to the field.

Crossett was first and 10 on the Panther 30 yard line.

Stokes picked up five yard on the quarterback keeper and the Eagles were second and five.

Stokes threw another long pass to DeAndre Webb, but instead of signaling an Eagle touchdown, the referees let their pass interference flags fly.

The Panther defenders chose a penalty over a Crossett touchdown, and even with penalty yards held the Eagles to fourth and eight. The Eagles were on the 19 yard line and decided to go for the first down, but weren’t able to cross the line.

The Eagles went into the fourth quarter trailing 14-0. The Eagle defense fought hard, but the Panthers scored another touchdown and kicked a field goal to bring the final score 24-0.

Deuce Hall was named overall player of the game, Jaylan Lawson was named offensive player, Chase Rice named defensive player and Robert Scates named special teams players.

Crossett will travel to White Hall Friday to face the 5A White Hall Bulldogs.

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