The Crossett boys baseball league wrapped up its season with an awards program and All-Star announcements last week.

Donny Crow, Joe Rainwater, Matt Morgan and Jeff Tyler will coach the 8U All-Star team.

The players selected include Maddox Morgan, Brantley Pennington, Slade Barnett, Raylan Miller, Ashyr Crow, Tanner Kennedy, Abbott Crow, Kynden McKee, Ashton Reed, Bryant Coulter, Eytahn Knight, Ryder Rainwater, Eli Robinson, and Dayton Craig.

The 9U All-Star team will be under Johnathan Canley’s coaching with players Samarian Tatum, Eli McElroy, MJ Moore, Jade Canley, Blake Griffith, Easton Sivils, Napolean Brown, Talon Mercer, John Henry Harris, Jaden Jones and Garrett Grissom.

Jeremy Mills will coach Bryan Huskey, Jeffery Doss and Chris Thompson. The players selected to the team are Tayln Weddle, Zion Jones, Noah McElroy, Brady Brooks, Bronx Huskey, Steffon Johnson, JT Barnett, Brady Thompson, Jackson Mills, Silas Sellers, Andrew Hawkins, and Jacob Wiley on the 10U All-Star team.

The 11U and 12U All-Star teams were combined. Bryson Wheeler and Jacob Brown were the two 12U players who were selected. The 11U players are CJ Brown, Landon Taunton, Jackson Gee, Vance Dorcy, John Kenly, Hudson McCloy, Jaden McKoin, Evan Rial, Jermal Nalls, JJ Holyfield, Zane Brown, Wyatt Sivils, Drake Dejarnette, Antonio Gillium and Bryson Bens.

Anthony Dejarnette, Cliff Gee, Chad Brown and Jeff Holyfield will coach the 12U team.

There will be a home-run derby at the Crossett complex at 6 p.m. June 13 to raise money for the All-Star teams. The derby is open to men and women and to youth girls 12 and under. For more information on the derby contact Anthony Dejarnette at 870-415-8002. The Crossett complex will also host a pre-state baseball tournament for boys divisons 8U through 12U on June 15.

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