The Hamburg Lions fell 37-0 to the Dewitt Dragons during the Lions’ homecoming game.

The first score of the game was when the Dragons kicked in a 27-yard field goal on a fourth and 4. The next time they put points on the board was during a first and 10, when Dewitt running back Xander Rohnert took the ball and ran along the width of the yard lines to avoid Hamburg defenders before crossing the final five yards into the end zone.

Later during the first quarter, Dewitt Quarterback Eli Ashcraft threw a 41-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Ben Hackney on a first and 10. Hackney caught the ball in the red zone and then ran it in for the touchdown.

Dragon wide receiver Owen Lee Luebke had a 36-yard touchdown run on a fourth and 1 during the third quarter.

The Dragon defense also got the best of the Lions during an offensive drive during the third quarter, when the Lions were pushing from the 49-yard line on a second and 21. Hamburg fumbled the ball and Dewitt recovered, running it all the way in for a touchdown.

During the game, the Lions passed for 46 yards and rushed for 16. Hamburg had three turnovers and three fumbles.

The Dragons passed for 145 yards and rushed for 191, and did not have any turnovers or fumbles.

The win puts DeWitt at 2-2 for the year, and leaves Hamburg’s record at 0-4 for the season and 0-1 in conference play.

DeWitt was the Lions’ first conference game of the season. Their next matchup will be against the Monticello Billies at Monticello. 

So far this season the Billies have an evenly spilt record, with two wins and two losses. Their wins and losses are evenly split between home and away games, with one home win and one home loss, and one away win and one away loss.

The Lions will play the Billies at 7 p.m. Oct. 1.

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