The Hamburg Lions lost their first conference game of the season Friday and will play Dumas on Thursday night for second in the conference.

The Lions traveled to Warren Friday to face the Lumberjacks for the 4A Division 8 conference title.

Hamburg didn’t go down easy, and they were only down by a touchdown at the half, but ultimately lost 36 -14.

The Warren defense held the Lions to only 77 yards rushing and 102 yards passing, which is way down from their 208 yard passing average and 190 yard rushing average in conference play.

The Lions didn’t make it out of Lion territory on their first drive. They were stopped on their own 28 yards line and Brayden Berry came out to punt.

Warren began their drive on their own 34 yard line and the Lion defense fought hard to keep them out of the endzone.

It took Warren 15 plays to score, but they made it into the end zone with five minutes to play in the first quarter. The extra point was good and the score was 7-0.

The Lions moved the ball from their 15 yard line to their 37, but were forced to punt again.

On the second play of the Lumberjack drive, Herman Brown forced a fumble, but Warren was able to recover it. Warren was second and two on the Lion 25 yard line when Gage Price forced another fumble and Lion Wayne Standridge picked it up. Standridge returned the ball to the end zone for the touchdown and Jesus Aguilar kicked in the extra point. The score was tied 7-7 with less than two minutes left in the first quarter.

The Lions defense held the Lumberjacks to a punt on their next drive and the score was 10 -7 with about 10 minutes to play in the half.

Kelley completed a few short passes to Jalen Wilson and DJ Johnson, but it wasn’t enough for a first down and the Lions went four and out.

Berry punted the ball 33 yards from the Lion 26 to the Lion 41 and Warren started another drive.

It took the Lumberjacks 13 plays to score, but they finally made it back into the end zone and the PAT was good.

The score was 17 -7 with a little over five minutes to play in the half.

The Lions began their next drive on the 20 and Johnson moved the ball 28 yards to the Lion 48. Jonathan Kelley attempted two passes before he finally completed one to Jalen Wilson for a Lion first down on the Lumberjack 37 yard line.

Nicholas Bridges rushed the ball five yards and Kelley completed a pass to Price for 15 yards, moving the ball to the Lumberjack two yard line. Webb ran the ball into the end zone and Aguilar kicked another extra point. The Lions trailed by only three with 3:36 left to play in the half.

Warren answered with a field goal and the half time score was 20-14 with the Lions trailing by a touchdown.

After the half, Warren started with the ball, but the Lion defense held them to a punt.

Warren punted the ball to midfield, but Berry returned it to the Lumberjack 34 yard line. Kelley completed a 16 yard pass to Bridges, moving the ball to the Lumberjack 18, but on the next play Kelley threw an interception and Warren took back mid field before he was stopped by Dakota Boysen.

The Lions held them to a10-yard field goal and the score was 23 -14 with seven minutes on the clock in the third quarter.

On the next drive, after a couple of small gains Webb finally broke away for a 19 yard run for a first down. After a few incomplete passes and penalties the Lions were 2-20 own 32 yard line when Kelley completed a 22 yard pass to DJ Johnson for the first down.

Johnson rushed for 13 yards for another first down moving the ball to the Lumberjack 33 yard line. A personal foul against the Lumberjacks moved the Lions up to the 18 yard line, but then a Lion penalty moved them right back.

Kelley attempted a few more passes, but couldn’t get the first down. The Lions turned the ball over on downs on the Lumberjack 28 yard line.

Warren quickly moved the ball down the field and scored another touchdown just as the clock rolled into the fourth quarter. The Lumberjacks went for two points, but didn’t get the ball in and the score was 29-14 with only one quarter left to play.

The Lumberjacks held the Lions to a punt and started another drive on their own 23 yard line. On the second play of the drive, the Lumberjacks ran the ball 71 yards for another touchdown. The extra point kick was good and the score was 36 to 14 with eight minutes on the game clock.

Hamburg started a drive on the 20, but wasn’t able to get a first down and was pushed back to the eight yard line. Berry punted and Warren took over on their own 39 yard line.

Warren held onto the ball for the last six minutes of the game moving it a little at a time down to the Lion 28 yard line.

The buzzer sounded and Warren remained undefeated with a final score of 36-14.

Gage Price led the defense with 11 solo tackles and Herman Brown was right in behind him with nine.

On offense, DJ Johnson picked up 35 yards rushing and 45 yards receiving. Gage Price also had a total of 32 yards receiving and Derrick Webb had 40 yards rushing.

Hamburg will now face the only other one loss team, the Dumas Bobats, on Thursday for the second place conference seed.

Thursday night will be Hamburg’s last regularly scheduled home game.

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