The Crossett High School Lady Eagles are currently tied for second place in the conference.

They are contending for the spot with Watson Chapel. Both teams have  6 wins.  The ranking is currently undecided because multiple  teams having to quarantine for COVID-19 in the 8-4A conference. The district tournament — if it happens — will determine the ranking with the seeding going by most wins. 

“We’re sitting in a pretty good spot right now and hoping to finish out strong,” Coach Shanae Govan Williams said.

The girls won one and lost one game each last week, knocking them from leading the conference down to second.

They lost to Star City in what started out as a close match. “

We started off hot against Star City, but they’re a such power house and it’s hard  to be able to compete whenever you face them,” Williams said. 

“The girls played hard the entire game,” 

Jada Cooks led scorers with 11 points and Anaya Jones added 10. 

“I was pleased with our efforts. Although we lost 56-35, we competed, and played hard for 32 minutes,” Williams said.

Friday the Lady Eagles faced Monticello and pulled off a 45-11 victory, which secured the team’s sixth conference win. 

“I’m proud because last year we had a total of six conference wins by the end of season and this year we’re at that point with three games left to go,” Williams said.

“It just says a lot about the hard work the girls have put in and what we’re trying to accomplish.” 

Anaya Jones had a career high 27 points, Jada Cooks had 10 and Endia Jenkins was huge on the boards for the Lady Eagles. 

She added eight points and some big time rebounds and blocks. 

“We played hard the entire game and our  seniors showed up in a big way,” Williams said. “Although we were able to pull away early, I was glad to see us compete the whole game. That’s really all a coach can ask for.” 

The Lady Eagles played Watson Chapel on Tuesday, but results were not available at press time. 

The Lady Eagles will not play again until next Tuesday when they host the Warren Lumberjacks and celebrate senior night.

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