The Hamburg softball team is now 2-2 after last week’s win over Harmony Grove.

The first inning was scoreless but the Lady Lions scored two in the top of the second.

Sarrah Harrod hit a single with only one out on the board. Kendall Herring lined out to shortstop and Annah Edwards walked on. Bri Huff knocked Harrod and Annah Edwards both in with a double, but was left stranded on base when the next batter lined out.

Harmony Grove went three up three down with a pop fly to Annah Edwards in right field, a ground out to first baseman Herring and a ground out to Harrod on second.

The Lady Lions came into bat, but weren’t able to get any runners around to home.

In the bottom of the third, Marlee Tomerlin struckout the first two Harmony Grove batters and Mallory Rials snagged a grounder on third for the third out.

The Lions came into bat still leading 2-0.

Tierra Mooney opened with a single to third and stole her way around to third. Harrod struck out and Herring reached first on an error that also allowed Mooney to make it to home plate.

Annah Edwards laid down a sacrifice bunt to move Herring to second and Huff hit another double to bring Herring home.

Maddison Edwards grounded out and the Lady Lions took the field up 4-0 and held Harmony Grove to no score.

In the top of the fifth, Cierra Tucker and Mallory Rials each got on base with a bunt and Marlee Tomerlin walked to load the bases. Mooney hit a pop up in foul territory for the first out, but the bases stayed loaded. Harrod hit a single to bring Tucker home and the Lions led 5-0 with only one out.

Herrring grounded out, but Rials still made it across home for the score. Tomerlin advanced to third and Harrod moved to second, but both were stranded when the short stop caught a line drive hit by Annah Edwards.

In the bottom of the fifth, Harmony Grove finally got runners around to home plate.

The first batter hit a single and scored on the next hit after an error by Tomerlin in left field.

Annah Edwards caught a pop up in right field for the first out and Harrod threw a batter out at first for the second, but not before another runner scored.

The Lady Lions had two outs, but a Harmony Grove batter walked on and another hit a single giving them two runners on base. The next batter hit a double knocking both runners in and bringing the score to 6-4.

Rials grabbed a grounder on third for the third out and the Lions came into bat with a two point lead.

Huff lined out to short stop, but Belle Hicks made it on base with a single and Tucker walked on.

Rials bunted to load the bases and Tomerlin walked bringing a run in for Hamburg.

Mooney grounded out, but knocked Tucker home. Harrod grounded out and the Lions took the field leading 8-4.

In the bottom of the sixth, the first Harmony Grove batter hit a triple, but was stranded on base when the Lions got the next three batters out.

Herring started off the inning with a hit to short, but was thrown out at first. Annah Edwards made it to first on a dropped third strike and Huff made it on base after an error by the right fielder.

Hicks hit a single that loaded the bases and Tucker walked bringing a run in for the Lions.

Rials hit a single that brought Huff to home, but Belle Hicks was thrown out on her attempt to score.

Mooney took first after she was hit by a pitch which brought Tucker around to home and the bases were still loaded.

Harrod lined out to short and the Lions took the field leading by 7.

After three quick outs, the game was over and 11-4 went in the books as the final

The Lions played in Star City on Tuesday, but results were not available at press time. The Lady Lions will travel to Warren on Thursday to face the Lady Jacks.

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