The Hamburg High School Bass Club fished a tournament at Lake Enterprise earlier this month.

Ben Brockwell and Gavin Harrod won the high school division with a total weight of 10.02 pounds.

Jacob Chains and Hunter Adams placed second with a total weight of 8.894 pounds and Fisher Grubb and Ethan Vail came in fourth with a total weight of 6.94 pounds.

Others who weighed in the high school division included Autsin Fleming and Braiden Bradford with a weight of 5.94, Dalton Haynes and Lane Edwards with a weight of 3.46 pounds and Brantley Anders with a weight of 2.90 pounds.

Austin Fleming caught the biggest bass, which weighed in at 2.72 pounds.

In the middle school division, Brayden Knight and Kason Poole won first place with a total weight of 1.26 pounds.

Following the tournament, Brockwell kept the lead overall for the season with 1,523.53 total points.

Fleming is currently in second place with a score of 1,511.46 and Harrod is in third with 1,459.74 points.

Tyler Cook is ranked fourth with 1,299.84 points followed closely by Anders who has 1,298.22 and Haynes who has 1,282.50.

Lane Edwards is ranked seventh with 1,269.94 and Aaron Nelms eight wiht 1,255.20.

Others in the club are ranked below that in this order: Jacob Chains, Fisher Grubb, Ethan Vail, Bradford, Drake Thornton, Connor Foote, Hunter Adams, Bruin Barnes, Garrett Moyers, Ganon Vail, Kaleb Nichols, Chris Lloyd, Joesph Mclarrin, Clayton Collins, Jacob Gwin and Hunter Edwards.

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