The Hamburg Bass Club hosted its first tournament of the year at the Crossett Port last weekend.

Ben Brockwell and Austin Fleming took first place with a total with a total weight of 12. 72 pounds. Bruin Barnes and Hunter Edwards came in second with a total weight of 4.8 pounds. Barnes won the overall award for big fish with one fish weighing in at alone at 4.8 pounds. Garrett Moyers came in third place with a total weight of 2.2 pounds and Dalton Haynes and Lane Edwards weighed in fourth place with a total weight of 1.56 pounds.

The tournament put Brockwell and Fleming in the lead giving them 312.72 points for the season so far.

Barnes and Edwards tied for second with 299.8 each and Moyers was third with 292.2. Edwards and Haynes were tied for sixth with 286.56 points and Joseph McClarrin tied with Kyle Fleming for eighth with 281.32 points.

Dalton Gill and Fisher Grubb were also in the top ten and tied for 10th place with 277.22 points.

Other bass club members include Cami Murphy, Ethan Vail, Hunter Adams, Aaron Nelms, Ty Dodson, Ty Powel, Clayton Collins, Tyler Cook, Gavin Harrod, Kolten Hodge, Colten Pippen, Ganon Vail, Roger Hensley, Brett Rice, Drake Rice, Dreylon Scales and Jada Wilkins.

The Hamburg Bass Club, which is under the coaching leadership of Matt Allison of Hamburg, will fish again on Sept. 22.

The Crossett Bass Club, coached by Ken McDonald, has not fished yet this season, but will also have its first tournament on Sept. 22.

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