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Five Ashley County athletes are headed to the Junior Olympics to compete in swmmling events.

The youth athletes, who are all members of the CREST Swimming Team, attended the 2021 AAU All Star Junior Olympic Qualifier meet in Texarkana on July 9 to 11. Kaylee Hays, Bryce Bailey, Hannah Cossey, Hayley Cossey, and Sarah Beth Cossey competed at the meet. 

After swimming, the five CREST representatives — who are summer-only swimmers — qualified to compete at the 2021 Junior Olympics in Houston. 

On top of qualifying for Junior Olympics, Hannah Cossey earned High Point in the Girl’s 12&U Division with a total of 61 points, seconded by her sister, Hayley Cossey, who earned a total of 35 points. 

Sarah Beth Cossey earned the title of High Point Runner Up in the Girl’s 10&U Division with a total of 36 points. 

The five swimmers earned a combined total of 192 points, earning third place out of eight teams, marking the first time CREST has clenched a Team Title since 2012, when CREST earned second place in the Small Team Division at SASA Champs with co-coaches Sarah Fryar and John Brooks.

On Saturday, July 10, the team also hosted a meet at the Crossett City Pool with 25 CREST swimmers and 47 swimmers from visiting teams. 

The Crossett team showed time improvements during the meet, and showcased sportsmanship and love for swimming.

The CREST senior swimmers led throughout the meet. 

Beckham Hartley and Leah Weaver tied for top scoring CREST Swimmer in the Overall Girl’s Division with 34 points each. 

Reece Poe earned the title of Top Scoring CREST Swimmer in the Overall Boy’s Divison with a total of 32 points. 

The CREST swimmers scored an average of 25 points each, which was a higher average than either of the visiting teams.

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