Crossett Eagle Josten Smith moves the ball down the field during the jamboree game against D'Arbonne Charter. The Eagles also took on and beat Beekman Charter during the jamboree match-ups.

The Crossett Eagles shut out both of their opponents during last week’s football jamboree at Yarborough Field.

The Eagles faced D’Arbonne Charter first with 15 minutes on the clock and came out on top 29-0.

Dewayne Ashford put the Eagles on the scoreboard with the first touchdown of the game and Eagle quarterback Justin Stokes got the next six points with a quarterback keeper.

Chase Rice intercepted the ball on the following Timberwolf possession, and on the next play Willie Taylor ran it 40 yards for another Eagle touchdown.

Rice kicked in the extra point, making the score 19-0 with more than six minutes still on the clock.

Dwight Ashford intercepted the ball on the next Darbonne possession and ran it almost back into the end zone.

The Eagles couldn’t get the touchdown, however, and turned the ball over on downs inches away from the Timberwolf end zone.

The Eagle defense forced the Timberwolves to punt, and the Eagles were first and 10 on Darbonne’s 35 yard line.

Amaru Gibbs ran the ball all 35 of those yards to score another touchdown, and Rice’s kick was good, bringing the score to 26-0.

The Eagles took a short break and came back out to face Beekman Charter in another 15 minutes of football and shut them out 13-0.

Stokes completed a seven-yard pass to Jaylynn Lawson for the first touchdown against Beekman.

Beekman completed a 40-yard pass and were making their way to the end zone when Rice recovered a fumble, giving the Eagles back the ball.

Willie Taylor ran the ball 40 yards towards the Beekman end zone to set the Eagles up to score.

Stokes completed a 15-yard pass to Carlos Williams to give the Eagles six more points, but a penalty moved the extra point kick back 10 yards. The kick was no good and the score was 13-0.

The Eagles kicked the ball back to Beekman, but on the first attempt Deuce Hall recovered a fumble and the Eagles took back over until the clock ran out.

Coach Sonny Nason said the matchups gave him a chance to evaluate his team after 30 minutes of football.

“Offensively, I saw some things we needed to clean up, but I think defensively we played well,” Nason said.

Nason said there is always room for improvement on both sides of the ball, but specifically wants to work on the offensive line and maybe move some players around.

“We may tinker with the offensive line, I’m still looking for the right five there,” Nason said.

Stokes passed for a total of 83 yards and completed three touchdown passes, one of those for 45 yards to Dewayne Ashford for a touchdown.

The Eagles rushed for a total of 152 yards, with Taylor and Lawson each picking up more than 50 of those yards each.

There were no injuries, which Nason said is the most important thing.

“We fought off the injury bug and everyone stayed healthy and that is the most important thing,” Nason said.

The Eagles will host the Magnolia Panthers at 7 p.m. Friday at Yarborough Field.

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