Eagles begin soccer season

The Crossett Eagles started their soccer season with a 7-0 win over Lake Village. The Lady Eagles game ended 3-1 in Lakeside's favor. (VAL GAUGHT/News Observer)

The Crossett Eagles opened this year’s soccer season with a 7-0 win over the Lake Village Beavers on Friday. 

Coach Chuck Rawlings said his players dominated the entire game. 

“We were on their side of the field the whole night, it was just annihilation,” Rawlings said. 

Melvin Cendejas scored three points for the Eagles. Sebastian Urbina scored two points and J.J. Mondragon scored two.

The final score of the night was 7-0. 

Rawlings said other starters included Jaden Williams, Dwight Ashford, Dewayne Ashford, Denzel Watkins, Jackson Moore and Christian Mondragon. 

Rawlings said that senior Chris Brisby was injured. 

“I hate to leave anyone out they all did a great job, but we played without two of our regular starters,” Rawlings said. 

Though the girls lost, Rawlings said they played a fantastic game. 

“I’m ready to play Lake Village again because really we should have won that game; our girls played so well,” Rawlings said.

Haley Corbett scored the only goal that the Lady Eagles had in the 3-1 ballgame.

“I have given her a new monicker, which is ‘waterbug,’ because she is a little bitty thing, but she is all over the field,” Rawlings said. 

Other starters for the girls team  include Deisree Sivek, Brooklin Bailey, Alexa Urbina, Millie Vargas, Jazmine Nichols, Helana Rawlings  and Avery Pennington.

Last year Anna Hammonds was  the Lady Eagles’ goalie, but since she graduated Rawlings has Chyna Sims in that position.

“She’s young, but she is doing well so far,” he said. 

Rawlings said that he has more than 30 girls on the team this year,  which is a big increase from last year. 

Not only does the team have more players this season, but Rawlings said they are getting better each year.

“The girls have improved light years over last year,” Rawlings said. 

The Eagles and Lady Eagles are scheduled to travel to Stuttgart on March 17 to face the Ricebirds, and they will travel to Star City on March 20. 

The Eagles’ first home soccer game will be on March 30 when they host Hermitage. 

Soccer is still a relatively new sport at Crossett High School, but Rawlings said the players have improved each year and he is excited to see what this season brings.

“We’ve improved so much and really we just keep getting better each year, and I really think this season is going to be a really good season for us,” Rawlings said.

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