The Crossett Eagles baseball team beat the Hamburg Lions and Crossett claimed another point for the James D. Rankin trophy, maintaining the lead in the contest.

The game started out with Hamburg in the lead, but by the end of the matchup Crossett claimed an eight point victory.

In the top of the first, the Eagle defense held the Lions to three up, three down. Nigel Lewis hit a shot to short stop, but Jack Rice caught it for the out. Gavin Harrod hit a grounder to third, but was throw out by Griffin Courson. Cody Kelley struck out batter No. 3 to send the Eagles in to bat.

Third baseman Toby Spurlock got the first two outs. Harrod caught Trent Pullin’s line drive to center for the third out and the Lions went back in to start the second inning.

Connor Jones got on base with a hit to center field, but Jack Rice threw him out when Spurlock hit a grounder to short.

Lewis hit a ground ball and reached first base on error by Kelley on the mound and Spurlock made his way around to home plate for the first score.

Lewis stole second on a passed ball and then made it around to third on a hit by Bruin Barnes, who Jack Rice threw out at first.

The next batter was out, but not before Lewis managed to steal home on another passed ball and the Eagles came in to bat trailing 2-0.

A pop fly and a strike out put two outs on the board and the Eagles had to rally. Deuce Hall got a base hit to right field and was moved around to home with a hit by Zeke Hopper.

Hopper stole his way around to home before the third out and the Eagles took the field with the score tied 2-2.

Brayden Berry hit a grounder to Trent Pullin on first for the first out. Jack Rice caught the second out on short stop and Kelley threw a ground ball to first for out No. 3 and the Lions took the field.

Jack Rice started the Eagles off with a base hit, but Drake Rice struck the next batter out. Bennett Holt hit a line drive double that brought Jack Rice in on the throw. Holt stole his way around to home on a passed ball just before Pullin hit a single.

The Eagles seemed to be on a roll, but a Lion double play from Lewis on short to Berry on second and on to Barnes on first, ended the third inning.

In the top of the fourth, the Lions went three up, three down and took the field.

The Eagles came in to bat and Paul Edgar started them off with a single to left field. Edgar stole second and moved around to third when Hall grounded out. Hopper knocked Edgar in with a fly ball to right field and the Eagles were leading 5-2 with only one out.

The next batter struck out, but not before Hopper was able to steal his way around to second. Jack Rice followed the strikeout with a line drive to center field that brought Hopper into home.

Jack Rice stole his way around to third while Kelley was at the plate and scored on a past third strike, which gave the Eagles one more run and allowed Kelley to be safe on first base.

Berry caught the next out in the air and the Lions came in to start the fifth trailing 7-5.

Maddox Lackey hit a line drive to center field, but was left stranded on base and the Lions took the field again.

The Lions kept the Eagles from scoring in the bottom of the fifth. Berry caught a pop up on second and Drake Rice struck the next batter out. Edgar hit a double and was moved around to third base with a hit by Hall, but was picked off third to end the inning.

The Lions went three up, three down in the top of the sixth and the took the field still trailing by five.

The Eagles came into bat, but Drake Rice struck the first batter out.

Courson hit a single to left field and Jack Rice walked on. Kelley knocked them both in with a line drive to center field and ended up on third before the ball was dead.

Holt knocked Kelley in for the final score of the ball game with a single to right field and the Eagles took the field leading 10-2.

Bridges was the only runner to make it on base in the top of the seventh, but was left stranded when Hall caught the third out on second. The Eagles celebrated their 10-2 rivalry victory.

The Eagles played in a tournament over the weekend and lost to South Side 12-3, but beat Horatio 12-1.

The Crossett boys will travel to Malvern on Thursday and will host Warren on Monday.

The Hamburg Lions will travel to Monticello on Monday to face the Billies and are not scheduled to play at home again until April 1.

The Hamburg vs. Crossett softball game was postponed due to field conditions caused by recent rain. The Hamburg girls will play against Monticello on Monday and the Crossett girls will play in Warren on Monday.

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