The Crossett Eagle baseball team beat Union Parish on the road Saturday. 

Union scored first in the bottom of the first inning, but the Eagles took back the lead and ran with it. 

In the top of the second, Stetson Bishop hit a single that moved Zeke Hopper around the bases and brought Justin Stokes into home to tie the score.

Bishop was caught stealing, leaving Hopper stranded on base and sending the Eagles back to the field.

Bishop struck out the first Union batter, but the second got on with a hit to right field. The catcher threw him out trying to steal and Bishop struck out the third batter, sending the Eagles back in to bat. 

Neither team scored again until the top of the fifth.

The game was tied one-all when Chase Golden was able to steal his way home to give the Eagles a 2-1 lead.

Jack Rice, Cooper Williams and Kason Brooks were all left stranded on base after a third out sent the Eagles back to the field.

In the top of the sixth, Brock Wright hit a hard ground ball to center, knocking in Carson McDonald and Jack Rice to make the score 4-1. 

Rice stole home on a wild pitch to give the Eagles five runs and Brooks knocked Wright in to make the score 6-1.

Deuce Hall batted in Brooks and Hopper and the Eagles took the field leading 8-1. 

The Eagles held Union off again. Rice caught a ball on short stop for the first out and B.  Rickman struck out the next batter. A runner walked on and another hit a single, but Brooks caught a ball in right field to end the inning. 

In the top of the seventh, Wright hit the ball to bring Golden  in and Cooper Williams’ turn at bat delivered Jack Rice home to make the final score 10-1. 

The Eagles played again on Tuesday night in Monticello, but results were not available at press time.

The Eagles will host Junctoin City on Thursday and travel to Magnolia on Friday.

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