The Crossett High School tennis team faced Hamburg and Star City last week. The girls did well against Hamburg, but the boys won more matches against Star City.​

In Hamburg on Tuesday, Jayden Thurman, Jenna Cate Roberts and Desiree Sivek all won singles matches. Thurman faced Sarah Howard and won 6 - 2. Roberts beat Gracie Gilbert 6 - 0 and Sivek won her match against Larson Rainey 7 - 5.

Coach Grant Collins said that the Hamburg match was Sivek’s first singles match of the season and he was very impressed overall with how the meet turned out.

“Overall I think the team did great in our meet against Hamburg,” Collins said.

In the doubles rounds, Roberts paired with Mary-Kate Armstrong for a 6 - 2 win over Belle Hicks and Mallory Rials.

Roberts also paired with Thurman to beat Mary Lauhon and Gracie Riley 6 - 0.

In the boys singles, Griffin Courson beat Carson Clark 6 - 2 and then paired with Carson McDonald for a doubles victory against Landon Ballard and Jaron West 6 - 1.

On Thursday, the Eagles hosted the Star City Bulldogs. The boys one all, but one of their matches, but Thurman was the only girl to win her singles match.

“Star City had some very athletic girls and made it hard on our girls,” Collins said.

Jayden Thurman took on Ravyn Ward and won 6 - 0 and then paired Roberts for a 9 - 7 doubles win; but those were the only two wins of the evening for the CHS girls team.

Sivek lost 0-6 in her match against Anna Wynn, Lynsy Foreman lost 1 to 6 in her match against Patience Sherrill and Katie Bond lost 2 to 6 in her match against Lily Reeves.

Sivek paired with Sidne Mills, but they lost 6 - 1 against Kaylie Eifling and Jaden Johnson. Lynsy Foreman and Katie Bond lost 7 - 7 in their match against Patience Sherrill and Lily Reeves.

On the boys team, McDonald, Courson and Roberson all won their singles matches and McDonald and Courson paired up for a 6 to 0 doubles victory.

McDonald played J.J. Rundel and won 6 - 1. Courson took on Aaron Stone with a 6 - 0 win and Roberson faced Grant Atwood and won 6 - 1.

“The meet against Star City was more in the boys favor than the girls,” Collins said.

The tennis team is currently playing in the district tennis match in Camden.

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