After making it to the regional tournament for the first time in five years, the Crossett Lady Eagles will play host to the tournament.  

Both boys and girls 4A South Regional brackets will be played out in the Crossett Arena this week. 

“With 8-10 schools traveling in for the tournament, local businesses including restaurants, retailers and lodging facilities should see an influx of business,” Crossett Chamber of Commerce Director Mandy White said.  “We always welcome a boost to our local economy,” 

 The Chamber has been working with the City of Crossett and other organizations to find ways to bring people to the area.

“People crave local food, local attractions and a connection to the lifestyles of local culture and people,” White said. 

White said hosting major athletic events could be a major attraction for the area, but it also gives residents something to get out and do. 

“It has been a joy to watch and be a part of the changes of Crossett over the past few months,” White said.  “For so long, the formed opinion was ‘there’s just nothing to do around here,’ but that has changed, and kudos to the people of our community for caring enough to make things happen.

“It’s great that our schools have been able to host so many big sporting events, but it is also really great for our town and our local businesses as well,” she said. 

When Crossett hosted the football playoffs, several restaurants in town adjusted their business hours to accommodate fans after the games. 

The first game of the tournament will tip off on Wednesday, Feb. 26 and the tournament will run through Feb. 29

The first game on the girls’ bracket is 4 p.m. Feb. 26. The boys’ bracket starts at 5:30 p.m.

Lady Eagles Coach Shanae Govan said she is excited that her girls not only get to participate in something that Crossett hasn’t attended in five years, but to be this year’s hosts is really special. 

There are 48 teams in the 4A conference, and the top 24 teams qualify for one of three regional tournaments, which are divided into North, East and South. 

Berrville High School is hosting the North bracket and Valley View High School in Jonesboro is hosting the East bracket. 

The South bracket, which will be played in Crossett, will be the top four teams from Region 8 and Region 7 for a total of eight teams in the boys bracket and eight teams to play in the girls bracket. 

In Region 7, Arkadelphia, Malvern, Nashville and Bauxite lead the boys’ standings. DeQueen, Mena, Nashville and Bauxite lead the girls’ standings. 

In Region 8, Magnolia, Monticello, Warren and Camden Fairview lead the boys’ bracket. Star City, Warren, Magnolia and Crossett lead the girls’ bracket.

The teams will be competing for a chance to play in the state playoffs in Farmington in March.

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