Crossett can't hold onto the ball in the rain

Crossett High School sophomore Tyrique Jones attempts to run with the ball against the McGhee Owls. The Eagles lost to the Owls 20-2 Friday night.

The Crossett Eagles fell to the McGehee Owls at home Friday night, a loss their coach said was because they just couldn’t hang onto the ball.

“At about a quarter to seven the bottom fell out, and even throwing out new balls every play we just couldn’t hang on to the ball,” Coach Sonny Nason said. “It’s contagious. Once that first pass is dropped it’s just contagious.”

The Eagles scored first when the defensive line was able to pin the Owls in their own territory for a safety.

The Eagles led 2-0 with only a minute gone from the clock. After that, the game was downhill for the Eagles.

Nason said the stats speak for themselves when quarterback Justin Stokes — who has been averaging more than 200 yards a game passing— only completes three passes.

The Eagles had less than 50 yards rushing for the entire game.

Nason said that his defense did as good as he could have asked for, especially since they weren’t given many breaks.

The Eagles are now 0-3 for the season, but conference play has yet to start.

Nason said there is nothing the Eagles can do but put the game behind them and work for the rest of the season.

“We are putting that behind us and moving on from here,” Nason said. “Our next few games are what count.”

The Eagles will travel to Warren on Friday night for their first conference game of the season.

On Oct. 4 the Eagles will host Dumas for the second conference game and their Homecoming game and celebration at Yarborough field.

The afternoon ceremony will begin at 1 p.m. with an evening ceremony at 6 p.m.

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