The delays to the opening of the Crossett City Pool didn’t stop CREST swim team from competing this season.

“Given the complications of this season, I think our swimmers did an outstanding job,” Coach Shannon Hornsby said.

CREST is part of the Southeast Arkansas Swim Association. SASA is made up of 12 teams throughout this area. The meets start in June and are held on Saturdays at various host locations ending with SASA Championship the third weekend of July. All 12 SASA teams compete at the championship, some with upwards of 60 swimmers, and some as few as eight. Crossett CREST competed with only 14 swimmers.

“Because of the huge difference in numbers, we find the natural break and divide into “Large Team” category and “Small Team” category,” Hornsby said.

This year CREST missed the mark of being in the smaller category and they were the smallest team in the larger category with the largest team being a team of 58.

“Clearly there is no way that 14 swimmers can score anywhere near what 58 swimmers can, so we did not earn any SASA titles this year,” Hornsby said.

She decided to look into the numbers of the smaller teams to see what CREST could have done had they have been in the smaller group. “I was curious to see where we would have scored against teams with a closer number of competitors,” Hornsby said.

The team closest to CREST competed with 12 swimmers and won first place in the Small Team category scoring 155 points.

“Had we been scored [in the smaller category] as well, we would have came in second place with a total of 133 points,” Hornsby said.

SASA awards or not, the team and their coach were happy to have had a season at all. When the city pool wasn’t ready it didn’t look as if there would even be a CREST this year, but one of the local businesses stepped in to help.

“We are so, so thankful for the Crossett Tru by Hilton, as we would not have competed at all without them,” Hornsby said. Although, not the ideal place to practice, it still gave the athletes a chance to be in real water.

“But there is no hiding the fact that a hotel pool is not ideal for a competitive swim team,” Hornsby said. “These kids accomplished great things after a season of measly 45 minute practices in an approximately 10 yard

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