Something a little different is coming to town next weekend and organizers say spectators are welcome to come out and watch.

The Felsenthal Hunting Retriever Cub is hosting a United Kennel Club licensed preliminary and regular hunt on Oct. 12 and Oct. 13 at three different locations.

Tthe club’s president, Bob Edmoundson, said people from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and other parts of the state will be bringing their dogs to compete in a hunt test, which is an event at which the natural ability and training of gun dogs are evaluated against a written standard.

Edmoundson said they will have three categories: started dogs, seasoned dogs and finished dogs. The dogs will compete in hunting style events such as retrieving waterfowl. Dogs compete against a set of standards set forth in a rule book, not each other.

Edmoundson said the started dogs are fun to watch because they are mostly puppies and the other categories are fun to watch because the dogs are following impressive commands.

“Finished dogs are the ones that are top of the line retrievers, their work is more difficult and it’s amazing to watch,” Edmoundson said.

The started dogs will be at the Crossett Port, the seasoned dogs will compete at Locust Ridge Pond and the finished category will be at Marais Saline Farm pond. The dogs will be competing for points toward a title.

The dogs will be awarded five UKC Championship points for the started category, 10 UKC Championship points for Seasoned and 15 UKC Championship points for Finished. Additionally, Rosette Ribbons will be awarded in all categories

Edmoundson said he and his fellow clubmembers are excited about hosting their first hunt and the people it will bring to Crossett.

The hunt is on the same weekend as the Wiggins Cabin festival, but Edmoundson said he thinks that will generate traffic for more events.

“I think it’s great that it’s on the same day as Wiggins Cabin because people who come in to town for this can also go to that when they get a break,” Edmoundson said. “People can come out before or after the festival to watch the dogs.”

The hunts will be all day Saturday and Sunday. Edmoudson said they will start around daylight and pretty much be at the ponds all day.

On Saturday evening they will host a hospitality supper and an awards ceremony at the Crossett Port and anyone is welcome to attend.

This Saturday there will be a hotdog fundraiser at Attwoods to help the club raise money for the event. Edmoundson said just purchasing the prizes alone cost the club around $1,500 not to mention the other expenses associated with the event.

Edmoundson said he feels like the event will be a great thing for the community and add something for people to get out and enjoy on a weekend right here in Crossett. There will be a gallery area at each site specifically for spectators and their lawn chairs.

“Anyone that comes down there will enjoy it,” Edmoudnson said.

According to the American Kennel Club website, this organization, the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc., has established a no-nonsense, true to life, training and testing program where gun dog owners meet, train, learn and test their dogs afield. The HRC was formed under the auspices of the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC). UKC was founded in 1898 as a purebred dog registry devoted to maintaining the inherent working abilities of hunting dogs.

UKC sponsors more hunting dog events than any other such organization in the world.

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