The Crossett Area Chamber of Commerce gave away more than $15,000 at its 33rd Annual Buddy Bass Tournament at the Crossett Port last weekend.

Sixty-one boats registered to fish in Saturday’s tournament, and more than 30 of those weighed in for the prize money.

Shane Rickman and Dean Graves were the first boat in for the day, but only had one fish to weigh in for the competition.

The winning team of Ryan and Ryland Jackson of El Dorado brought in a 5.5 pound bass and a total of five fish weighing 16.88 pounds. The Jackson team won both the overall weight cash prize of $3,000 and the big bass competition.

The second biggest fish of the day — caught by Jon Hanry and AJ Morgan — weighed in at 4.82 pounds. The team came in fifth place overall with a total weight of 11.80 pounds and was also one of the 1-10 winners taking home $110 cash.

Jonathan Brockwell and Steven Cash won second place and $2,000 with a total weight of 13.91, and David Ponder and Lane Allen won third place and $1500 cash with a weight of 13.79.

Last year’s champions, Jimmy Farrar and Grady Rhinehart, took home fourth prize and $1,200.

The top 15 teams took home cash prizes, and Venda White with the Chamber of Commerce said that even though their numbers were lower that didn’t change the pay out.

“We only had 61 boats this year, but we paid out like we had 80 boats,” White said.

Chamber of Commerce Director Mandy Vickers said that the tournament is down from 84 boats last year and 99 boats in 2016.

The other cash prize winners included Scotty Wayne Pennington and David Ricks with a total weight of 9.19 pounds, Dale Phillips and Randy Abernathy with 10 pounds even, Jason Lovell and Ray Albritton with 10.22 pounds total, Bryan Baker and Joe Turner with 10.43 pounds total, Justin Mason and John Parker with 10.77 pounds total, Patrick Chapman and Daniel Chapman with 10.78 pounds total, Mike Meadows and Donald Tate with 11.04 pounds total, Marcus Arrington and Keith Pace with 11.07 pounds total, Stan White and Raymond Mosley with 11.22 pounds total and Jessie Lochale and Bill Lochale with 11.23 pounds.

In addition to cash prizes for the winners, more than 20 door prizes were given away as well.

The prizes included fishing gear, boat batteries, tools, YETI gear, cash and a variety of other donated items.

There were also special prizes awarded to Bryan Higgonbotham, Jessie Lochale, Clint Wallace and Jon Miller. Wallace and Miller were awarded the Tim Gilbert Memorial Award, which was presented by his widow, Stephanie Gilbert. Lochale was presented the Ken Taylor Memorial Award, and Bryan Higgonbotham was awarded the Jim Stephenson Memorial Award.

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