Fifteen art students from Crossett High School went to Little Rock to compete in an Art Competition called Arkansas Young Art Association (AYAA) April 10.

The trip was art teacher Jacqueline Hennington’s second year to take a group of art students to compete.

Of the 15 students, sophomore Lexi White was the only one who placed. Lexi is currently in Art II and placed third in the Expressive Sculpture category.

“I wasn’t expecting to win anything because we were competing against really big schools like Little Rock and Springdale,” White said. “When they said my name, I didn’t even hear them and Mrs. Hennington started saying ‘Lexi, Lexi, Lexi, you won!’

“I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do. Mrs. Hennington was so happy, she told me to go up and get my plaque.”

White’s sculpture was a giraffe made from recycled magazines torn into strips that were then applied using the paper mache technique to a wire frame called an armature.

This year was Lexie’s first time to attend AYAA.

“I really enjoyed the art conference and hope to attend next year and enter more of my artwork,” White said.

Hennington said the competition is a wonderful opportunity for high school artists to get to show their artwork and to see the work that other high school artists are creating.

“Though this is only our second year to attend AYAA, I feel like CHS was well represented,” Hennington said. “We were the only school besides Magnolia that won in any of the categories. I’m very proud of my students.”

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