Who needs to give up science just because it’s summer break?

Summer activities come in all shapes and sizes, and for 15 Ashley County students, science camp is the perfect fit.

Charre Todd, the Project Lead the Way instructor at Crossett Middle School, thought hosting a science camp would be a fun way to raise money for her robotics team. Todd put together a variety of science projects and enlisted her husband, Tom, as an assistant before she opened registration to students across the county last week.

The morning session was for the younger campers, who made things like an air rocket to study action and reaction and Newton’s second law of motion.

“I think we covered all of Newton’s laws of motion throughout the week in one activity or another,” Mrs. Todd said.

The afternoon group was the smaller group, but the four students who participated enjoyed making solar cars, gun powder rockets, ice cream and other science activities.

Katerina Bailey, who just finished the fifth grade in Crossett, said the camp was the best thing she had participated in this summer and making ice cream was her favorite part.

“There is a lot of interesting chemistry that goes behind making ice cream,” Mrs. Todd said.

The students began the project with room temperature ingredients and zip locked bags and ended with a cool summer snack and an interesting lesson about the phases of matter.

The group put together their own gun model rockets and set them off on the Eagle football practice field.

“I call them gun powder rockets because that is what is in them,” Mrs. Todd said.

Arabella Bailey, a soon-to-be seventh grader at Crossett Middle School, said the gun powder rockets were her favorite activity.

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