Some Hamburg High School students were recently offered the chance to discover ways to actively help their community.

During Emily Wisener’s Tuesday Response to Intervention (RTI) class period, students brainstormed different ways that people in need could be offered assistance.

Students reached a consensus after two days of discussion. They decided the best way they could assist the needy was to offer hope and love. 

To make this happen, class members were assigned to make “Blessing Bags” for people in need or Valentine Cards for the members of the Hamburg Senior Citizen Center.

To ensure students completed each task during the 25-minute RTI period, participants from all four HHS grades were divided into two groups of 8 to 10 students. 

One group was assigned to compile what the group labeled as “Blessing Bags.” Students placed a deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, different types of non-perishable foods, flushable wipes and an inspirational quote into each bag. 

The bags will be stored in different teachers’ cars, and will be handed out to those in need. 

When teachers see people who appear needy, such as those people asking for money with signs, they will pull over and offer them a bag. 

Wisener said the bag idea, “was an alternate to just giving money.” 

Although the bag is not a monetary donation, students said they hope that perhaps the people in need will simply understand that someone cares about them. The bags will be given out anonymously.

The group also decided to show appreciation to the senior citizens within the community. 

Each resident who visits the Hamburg Senior Citizen Center received a card with a piece of candy attached. 

On Valentine’s Day, HHS students visited the center to pass out the token of love and hope. 

The students said HHS wants to show the senior citizens that they are loved, appreciated, and still a valuable part of our community. 

The community service group is continuing to introduce new ideas to assist the community in any way they can. 

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