The forensics team at Crossett High School is going over their scripts for an upcoming competition in November. A script is a shortened version of a play that a member of the forensics team will reenact for competition.

The scripts come in multiple genres, including a drama, a comedy, or a musical script.  

Members of the forensics team can also write their own monologue. In that instance, they would have to talk about a real world problem of their choosing and talk about that said problem. Details such as who or what caused this problem, where did said problem start, when did it begin to be considered a problem, and how this said problem can be resolved must be included.

The scripts are completely random, the teacher can recommend a script for each member or members themselves can find and ask to reenact a script that they found online from an approved source. Each forensics team member has to have their own script, whether it is a solo or a duet.

Kristin Morris teaches and coaches the forensics team.

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