Crossett High School’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) have put up the “Hope Tree” for their third year in support of breast cancer awareness.

Each member of the club has pink ribbons to sell. With the one dollar purchase comes a pamphlet on breast cancer awareness, and the pink ribbon purchasers wear to show support.

They then write a loved one’s name who has battled with breast cancer, and each card is placed on the Hope Tree until it is filled. They can be purchased from any Crossett FCCLA member.

FCCLA sponsor Brandy Thomas said that ”the funds gained from the fundraiser have gone to a good cause each year.”

Last year, FCCLA gave the money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Little Rock. This year’s contribution will stay in the community with the Hope at Home event. 

“I enjoy how we show people that there is hope, and that there is good in the world,” said junior Saniyah Phillips, who is a member of the club  

Thomas shared part of the reason why the Hope Tree is important to her.

“I’ve had several family members and friends who had to fight and overcome breast cancer, and lost my own mother to it,” she said. 

Senior Shay Roland said the project is, “heart warming and empowering.”

The Hope Tree is located in the foyer of Crossett High School. FCCLA hosts the fundraiser every October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to honor all the strong women who have had to battle the disease.

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