The Crossett High School Debate Team attended the 50th annual Arkansas Student Congress November 11 to Nov. 13.

The Congress’s bylaws say that, “The specific purpose of the legislative assembly is to furnish both high school and college students with insight into the legislative process and the proper use of parliamentary procedure. This objective is accomplished by providing practical legislative speaking experience on bills and resolutions prepared by the delegates; and by stimulating realistic political situations through committee meetings, party caucuses, elections and legislative floor debate.”

CHS students Karis Staley, Sydney Watkins, Maddie Murphy, Abbey Austin, Titus Warren, Daley Chavis, Anna-Cate Toler, and Ashlynn Ebarb were in attendance along with sponsors Kristin Morris and Judy McCay.

The delegates had to submit their own bills into legislation and had to debate for multiple hours each day. Along with getting to debate within the capital building, students were also able to get advice and ask questions about politics with Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin.

Warren, Chavis and Toler were allowed to sit in on the different sessions and observe the debate and were able to get familiar with parliamentary procedure that the delegates are required to use when in their houses.

“That it was a really fun learning experience and it was quite intimidating being a first year delegate but I’m glad that I participated,” CHS senior Abbey Austin said.

The CHS debate team was awarded with multiple honors at the event. Staley and Watkins received the second best bill trophy out of more than 20 bills for House one. 

Staley was also awarded a pin of excellence for committee debate and was the CHS top delegate.

Maddie Murphy and Abbey Austin along with Trace Tucker and Ashlynn Ebarb secured Top Priority for their bills in committee and their individual houses.

Staley, Austin, Tucker and Watkins were also nominated to give majority reports to their selective houses.

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