Crossett Middle School is developing a mentoring program to ensure its students have someone to talk to about how they are doing in school.

CMS Principal Lynn Parker discussed the program at Monday’s Crossett School District Board meeting, presenting the board with information about what procedures were being implemented to ensure that no child “slips through the cracks.”

Students at CMS each have their own mentor — a CMS teacher — who they meet with weekly to discuss their grades, personal struggles and life in general.

Parker said the students, regardless of their home life or background, meet and talk with an adult who cares about them and checks into their progress at school.

Crossett Elementary School Principal Veronica Robinson also spoke to the board about new programs and curriculums Wit and Wisdom, Eureka Math and Wilson’s Fundations, and what the teachers were doing to learn about and implement them.

CMS and CES use some of the same curriculums, but at CMS the seventh and eighth graders use Summit Learning, a computer-based program piloted last year. Parker went over the details of Summit and spoke to the board about her plans to communicate with parents and educate them on the Summit Learning program.

Crossett High School Assistant Principal Anthony Boykin likewise updated the board about what he is doing to smooth over the Summit Learning transition for the ninth graders.

Summit Learning is not new to the ninth grade students, who were the first CSD students to participate in Summit as eighth graders, but it is new to the building and to the CHS staff.

Boykin also discussed the career programs and the many different ways CHS is working with UAM-CTC and local businesses to prepare students for the workforce and for college.

In other news :

4The school board approved the 2018-2019 budget.

4The school board approved a purchase for a digital sign for the new high school that will display information and pictures. The sign will cost approximately $47,670.45.

4The school board approved out-of-state travel for Career Technical Education Teacher Missy Martin to attend an ACT Work Ready Conference in New Orleans in October.

4CHS Principal Alicia Brown announced her upcoming retirement. Boykin will take over effective July 1.

4The board approved the personnel list as presented which included one new licensed hire, Haylee Pepper who replace Nicole Rice as a sixth grade literacy teacher. The list also included a classified hire, Ashley Smith, who will be the Virtual Arkansas Faiclitator at CHS. Both of the hires are effective immediately.

The Crossett School Board meets the second Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

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