'A Black Tie Affair' prom royalty

Anna Rice and Johnathan Hall were crowned prom king and queen at Crossett High School’s prom Saturday night.

Crossett High School’s 2019 senior prom was April 17 in the CHS arena.

The theme was “A Black Tie Affair,” and the senior class and their dates attended dressed to impress as the first class to have prom in the new arena. John Dumas was the DJ for the night hitting hot tunes.

Johnathan Hall and Anna Rice were crowned prom king and queen. Both of the students are in the OWL program at CHS.

Earlier in the year, Rice was voted to on the homecoming court, ad she worked at the Oak Tree Animal Hospital.

Hall worked in the school media center and was a Green Man, serving on the school’s hospitality cart.

CHS student council sponsor April Adams and her family decorated this year’s prom with the help of the prom servers, Jack Jenkins, Madlynn Elam, Mary Kathryn Staley, Emma Burt, and Brooklyn Bailey.

” It was awesome to be able to be the first class to have prom in the gym and the decor was so pretty and extravagant,” CHS senior Maddie Murphy said.

Prior to prom, students attended an assembly in the auditorium during which the seniors were given much instruction on how to drive safe and things that could happen on prom night.

The Crossett Fire department, Crossett Superintendent Gary Williams, CHS Principal Anthony Boykin, and CHS school resource officer Robert Black talked about safety, presented videos, and shared personal stories about experiences with unsafe driving.

Later that day, all of the seniors were called outside to the football field to watch the senior skit presented by Stephen Carter, Daley Chavis, Matthew Goodwin, Macie Webb, Abbey Austin and Anthony Caples.

The skit portrayed an auto accident and the effects a wreck can have on people who are affected. They used seniors as actors in the skit to give the senior class a sentimental effect from people they knew. The Crossett Fire department, police department, Medders funeral home, and EMT services participated in the skit.

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