Junior High All-Region Band auditions were hosted at Crossett High School on Dec. 7. 

All-Region is an event at which band students from schools in the surrounding area perform several selections of music for a panel of judges.

Junior High All-Region is for those in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Students are required to perform pieces of music that they have learned, as well as play a few scales by memory and sight-read a new piece of music. Each individual is scored on his or her solo performance.

If the student achieves a certain score in the audition, he or she is placed into a band, either Concert Band or Symphonic Band. The members of each band are ranked by chairs depending on their audition score.

One week after the auditions, an All-Region clinic for those who were accepted into a band is conducted. At the clinic, each band practices for several hours to prepare music for a concert. 

In the summer preceding the 2019 school year, CHS Band director John McLaren applied for Crossett to be the host of All-Region auditions for the first time. He said that the new high school’s layout would allow for more space between each audition and practice area.

“We are able to put rooms between audition rooms,” McLaren said, which would result in less crowding in the hallways and would cause less confusion for judges and students. The two practice areas were located in opposite wings of the school, with the woodwinds practicing in the basketball arena, and brass in the auditorium.

Bands from 25 schools attended the Junior High All-Region auditions. The music selections for each instrument were posted outside of the audition rooms at 9:30 a.m, and the tryouts began at 10. The final audition ended at 4:30 p.m., and the band and chair results were posted soon thereafter.

Approximately 600 students auditioned during the day.

Included in that number were 10 ninth graders from CHS, with all 10 being accepted into a band.

Crossett High School will again be the host of an All-Region event with the Senior High auditions on Jan. 11.

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