A friend at the gym said he was tired of all the hatred going around. I agreed. We’re both old and could not remember a time when politics was so hateful and divisive in America. And, we both remember the 60s! 

Political correctness, identity politics, and hatred of Donald Trump are major drivers for those who hate peace. Mao and the Chinese communists used political correctness to bend the people’s will toward the party line. Identity politics is fundamental to brewing revolutions. And, hatred of Donald Trump has consumed so many among us that rage and bitterness have replaced reason and debate. 

Last week many around the world commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of Tiananmen Square protests. Remarkably few Chinese under 30-years of age know anything about these protests. The Chinese government squashed protests with their military using tanks in the streets. Even more remarkable is how few of America’s younger generations know what happened or why. Political correctness not only controls what language can be used, but also what history needs to be erased. 

Identity politics is a divide and conquer strategy that always works due solely to the nature of human beings. Polls formerly measured differences of opinions between races, genders, and political leanings. 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton popularized a whole new political identity when she labeled all Trump supporters as irredeemable deplorables! Unfortunately, the label stuck, and though it’s not politically correct to call Trump supporters irredeemable deplorables today, it’s totally righteous to smear anyone who supports Trump as being utterly deplorable. 

America is glutted with identity groups today, all of which are “special.” Identity groups go hand-in-glove with political correctness. Oddly, many of these groups strive to be overtly unique and different while demanding to be treated like everybody else. The politically correct crowd continually fights for “equal rights” for many of these identity groups. Nevertheless, it seems that dividing us into so many different identity groups is … divisive by nature, and does not promote peace. 

Hatred of President Trump is the latest manifestation of political correctness and identity politics.  Those in the national media and on the political left are incredulous that anyone supports President Trump. Their hatred has nothing to do with Trump’s policies or accomplishments (none of which they acknowledge). Trump himself is the sole target. It’s not so much that Trump is divisive (which he has been and can be), but that his haters are always divisive. 

Statistics from organizations across the political spectrum that measure news coverage agree the national media have given Trump well over 90-percent negative coverage since the 2016 election, far more than any of Trump’s predecessors. Why? Do they hate him so much they’ll do anything, make any accusation or spin any story to take him out of office? And yet, recent polls show Trump’s approval numbers are higher than President Obama’s at this same point in his presidency. National media coverage is way out of alignment with voters’ views of Trump. 

My friend from the gym and probably a majority of Americans are tired of those who spread hate through political correctness and identity politics. Their hatred has gone on too long. Three thousand years ago the Psalmist said it well: “Too long has my soul had its dwelling with those who hate peace.” Psalm 120:6

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