The rain changed the schedule of the 2019 World Famous Armadillo Festival, but it didn’t cancel it.

Things went a little bit differently this year as the fun run was canceled, the carnival was closed temporarily on Saturday and a few of the Saturday events were postponed or moved around, but the festival went on.

Saturday morning kicked off with the Ashley County Cares 5K run. This year’s winners included Bryant Gonzalez, who won the overall male category, and Addie Nelms, who won overall female.

In the other male categories, Ethan Harrod, Rafael Dominques, Chance Zeigler, Keith Barrett, Ray Yarborugh, Wade Miller and Joe Lane all took home prizes.

In the female category, Georgia Cooley, Kansas Cooley, Sherry Jordan, Kristin Nutter, Chasity Stanley and Wanda McGhee each won awards in their respective age categories as well.

Brooke Allen and her children brought their armadillo named Tillar to the competition. Tillar was the heaviest armadillo of the day, but Rowland Barnes brought the fastest armadillo.

Annie Murphy won the biggest frog contest with a frog weighing approximately 1.24 pounds. Brianna Jerry had the fastest frog of the day and won first place in the frog jumping contest.

A new armadillo competition was introduced this year, but it wasn’t about having the fastest or the heaviest, but the most creative. The Ashley County Museum sponsored an armidillo decorating contest and over the weekend the museum yard was flooded with decorated armadillos.

Kandi Keith won first place with an armadillo named “Scuby-Dillo.”

Evan Tubbs won second place with “Watermelon Dillo, an armadillo she painted for Jades’ Superfoods, and Meridith Roberts won third place with “God’s Armor Dillo,” an armadillo she painted for the First Baptist Church of Hamburg.

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