A local man plans to start the new year by working on a new project to honor veterans in Ashley County.

Bill Mayo of Crossett said that he was disappointed in November when there was no Veteran’s Day Parade in Crossett to honor the local veterans in the area.

“We really need to do something big,” Mayo said.

Mayo spoke with Mayor Scott McCormick and others within the city and ultimately decided to form a committee to oversee not only a Veteran’s Day parade, but a Veteran’s Day parade and festival in Ashley County.

“I want any veteran in southeast Arkansas to feel welcome, the more the merrier,” Mayo said.

Mayo —with the help of Jenniefer Rawlings at City Hall — formed a committee from members of the community including First National Bank President Gary Brannon, Brookshire’s manager Napoleon Brown, American Legion Post Commander Michael Sinema, Ideal manager Gary Donald and local veterans Freddy Willis and Harry Walker.

The group is in the very early stages of planning and Mayo said they are looking for ideas and volunteers.

Mayo said the committee is going to meet every two weeks to get the ball rolling and then will probably meet monthly after that.

“Anyone who wants to help or be a part of this is welcome, it’s not just about donating money, we need floats, we need people willing to donate their time,” Mayo said.

Mayo said that he met with the school superintendent Gary Williams who said he would schedule a meeting with the school principals to find out what school groups could potentially help or be involved.

Mayo also plans to reach out to local businesses and other organizations who might be interested in getting involved.

Anyone interested in helping may contact Mayo at 903-391-4583.

Donations may be sent to Veteran’s Parade and Festival Day PO Box 496 in Crossett.

“This needs to be a big event because our veterans deserve a big event,” Mayo said.

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