Volunteers festoon park, seek more decorations

Volunteers and city employees worked together Monday to decorate Crossett’s Centennial Park for the Christmas holiday season.

Centennial Park has not been decorated in years, but this year twreaths and a large Christmas tree will once again be displayed in the city’s central green space for the holiday season.

Built to celebrate Crossett’s 100th anniversary, Centennial Park — which stands on the site of the historic Rose Inn — is used for weddings and other social gatherings, and for the last few years has been the center of Christmas in Crossett, the annual holiday street celebration.

Christmas in Crossett is approaching and members of the community have been working this week to decorate Centennial Park, and while doing so they

were able to locate the city’s missing Christmas wreaths and large tree.

In the past, Christmas wreaths hung from the lanterns on the front structure in the park, and a 20-foot tree stood in the middle of the park during the month of December.

City workers said the wreaths were purchased by a committee that was over Centennial Park. The committee no longer exists to verify this information, but other city officials agree that the decorations were given to the city specifically for the park.

But the wreaths were nowhere to be found last year, when only a few lights — which were purchased by the Crossett Area Chamber of Commerce — lit up the park during the month of December.

This year, members of the community decided they wanted to see the park decorated again so that the residents could have something to enjoy this holiday season.

Kristi Stocker of Crossett, along with her employees at Southeast Insurance, joined with Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mandy Vickers in recruiting other businesses and community members to help dress up the park for the holiday season.

Community member Whitney Gill solved the mystery of the missing wreaths and tree and recruited Ricon to assist with assembling the 20-foot holiday structure.

Faith Flowers, Carylnne’s and former resident Tena Carter all donated decorations for the park, and Stocker, Gill and Vickers all met with city workers on Tuesday to begin working so that the park could be ready for Christmas in Crossett next week.

Stocker said she just wanted to make the town look nice and she is always looking for ways to bring the community together.

It’s not too late to donate decorations and lights or to get involved in other ways in the effort.

Those interested in helping with the downtown decorations may contact Southeast Insurance at 870-364-5644.

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