Candidates and supporters wait for poll results

Candidates and supporters watch the poll results come in at the Ashley County Courthouse Tuesday night.

In a reversal of the outcome of the 2014 campaign, Crossett Councilwoman Valerie Martin was elected that city’s mayor Tuesday.

Martin’s bid for the office unseated incumbent Mayor Scott McCormick, who in 2014 withstood the challenge with 891 votes to Martin’s 875. Martin contested that election, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

No contest will be necessary in 2018, however. Martin received 685 votes, with McCormick following with 548 and Crossett Code Enforcement Officer Tony Jones, a third candidate, receiving 478.

Even though Martin did not receive more than 50 percent of the vote, Arkansas law awards the election to a candidate who receives a plurality of 40 percent of the votes cast and also obtains at least 20 percent more than the votes cast for the second place candidate for a municipal office.

“We will know for sure tomorrow, but it looks like there will be no run offs,” Election Commissioner Terry McDermott said. “It looks like Valerie Martin won.”

After the unofficial results were announced Tuesday, Martin exchanged a hug with McCormick.

“I want to thank everybody for their vote and for their confidence,” Martin said.

“I am very excited. I was very nervous this morning. I had a lot of confidence, but also butterflies — it was an exiting day.”

Martin campaigned in part on a platform of cleaning up Crossett, and Tuesday night she reiterated her commitment to her campaign message.

“My first plan will be to get things cleaned up, just as I promised all along,” she said.

The mayor-elect also said she planned to start working for unity within the city departments.

“I want to get to know all of the city employees and build team spirit within the city workers and the department heads,” she said.

In the Crossett aldermen’s races, Dale Martinie and Cary Carter were both victorious.

Martinie claimed the seat in Ward 2, Position 2 with 789 votes, exceeding Michael R. Sims’ 474 and Roy Langstaff’s 427.

Carter’s victory was in Ward 3, Position 1. He received 880 votes, edging out Jimmy Jeffress, who received 810.

“It feels great to win,” Carter said. “Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me. I can’t wait to get to work with the council and mayor. Together with the support of the citizens, we can and will grow Crossett.”

In Hamburg, Mayor Dane Weindorf was elected to another term by far outpacing his challengers, Calvin Frierson Sr. and Idia Mason. Weindorf received 471 votes, while Frierson was second with 234 and Mason third with 31.

Hamburg Alderman Danny Shelton was re-elected to the council table in Ward 1, Position 2, taking 117 votes to Billie Pippen’s 68.

Parkdale’s elections saw Robert Palmer elected mayor with 59 votes. Challenger Michelle Pamplin received 23.

In Fountain Hill, Ulrica McHenry Trotter was elected mayor with 31 votes. Amy Slaughter came in second with 23. Lucielle Daniel was elected alderman for Position 1 in Fountain Hill, edging out Leetell Jenkins Jr. with 29 votes to 23.

Johnathan Breedlove was elected alderman for Portland’s Ward 1, Position 2, with 70 votes. Bobby Fisher received 60 votes in that race. In Ward 2, Position 2, Marcia Wells Vestal won with 77 votes to Richard Murdaugh’s 55.

In Wilmot’s special 1 percent sales tax election for public safety, 113 were for the measure and 40 were against.

-Val Gaught contributed to this report

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