At least two people are now in the race for the Hamburg Mayor’s office.

A third has announced his candidacy.

David Streeter announced his candidacy in a social media post on March 18, and has since certified his candidacy with the county clerk’s office.

“I have been praying and pondering about (it) for a couple of weeks. I will be running for the mayor’s position in Hamburg,” Streeter wrote. “This town has been good to me and my family. It’s a great place to raise kids and grow old.”

Streeter has worked at Georgia Pacific and served as a vocational teacher in the Hamburg School District. He is currently the director of student services at the University of Arkansas — Monticello’s College of Technology—Crossett (UAM-CTC). He is married to Hamburg School District Superintendent Tracy Streeter.

“There are great people here that want to see Hamburg prosper. I would like to see that as well,” David Streeter wrote. “Tracy Streeter and I have been blessed to raise our sons in Hamburg with the great influence of many. We will see where God leads us now on this journey. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement from many. Thank you all for your support.”

Keith Long has also filed as a candidate in the race.

Long has worked for Georgia Pacific and Alvar Resins, and is now the advanced manufacturing instructor at UAM-CTC.

“I believe the positions I have held over the last 35 plus years has prepared me to be the next Mayor of the City of Hamburg,” he said in his candidacy announcement.  “I am a man of my word. If I tell you something, I will do my very best to see it through.  I want to work to meet the needs of the City of Hamburg and it’s people.”

Long continued, “I would consider it a privilege and honor if I were given the opportunity to serve the city of Hamburg and it’s citizens.”

Glen Lawson announced his candidacy before filing for the race officially opened but as of Monday had not been certified as a candidate by the clerk’s office.

Lawson has worked as a police officer and constable. 

“My pledge to you, the citizens of Hamburg, is to work closely with the city council and all the department heads in an effort to better serve you,” Lawson said in his initial announcement. “With a correct environment and path, we can all be proud. We will also hold an open-door policy which will be established and maintained for all Hamburg citizens all of the time. If elected, all suggestions and advice will be heard before making any major decisions during the process of adjusting to this mayoral job.”

Candidates were eligible to begin circulating petitions on March 18. The petitions are due at noon, Thursday, March 25. 

The election will be June 8.

Whoever is elected to the office will serve through Dec. 31, 2022, and will be eligible to seek re-election to the office.

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