Two people were arrested on methamphetamine distribution charges after an investigator with the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant last week.

Shane Stringer and Miranda Johnson of Crossett were arrested following the search.

On Friday, ACSO deputies and investigator Tad Huntsman executed a search warrant at 103 Wilson St. in Crossett.

Reports at the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department said deputies entered the home and made contact with Stringer, who they detained while the house was cleared. Huntsman did not release names of anyone else in the home, but said that a woman identified as Miranda Johnson was detained and arrested with Stringer.

Huntsman said that deputies found a clear zipper baggie that contained suspected methamphetamine in the speaker box of the truck parked outside the residence. Huntsman said that along with the meth they found Michael Shane Stringer’s driver’s license, his restricted permit and his sex offender registration in the truck. Deputies also found a tool box with Stringer’s name on it and a bag that contained Johnson’s personal items with a prescription pill bottle that belonged to her.

Huntsman said he recovered a black bag that contained numerous clear baggies on a shelf with a digital scale, multiple syringes in a bag that had “Miranda” printed on it and other paraphernalia in the home.

Huntsman said one of the deputies recovered multiple glass pipes with what appeared to be meth residue and several small containers that appeared to have methamphetamine residue in them as well.

Stringer and Johnson were both arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. Huntsman said both are convicted felons and that Stringer is on parole with a very lengthy criminal history and Johnson is on probation out of Louisiana.

As of Monday, morning Stringer and Johnson were both in custody at the Ashley County Detention Center.

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