A local woman was allegedly almost murdered after giving three people a ride from a store in North Crossett.

A report from the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office said that Elizabeth Hill, 28, of Crossett was found injured on Ashley 20 early Sunday morning and appeared to have road rash, bruises and a bullet wound.

The report said that Hill told investigators that she had given a man named Christopher Washington, Seth, later identified as Wyatt Seth Collins, and a girl she didn’t know, later identified as Justine Rollow, a ride from “the tobacco store next to EZ Mart.”

Hill reported that they traveled down Arkansas 133 in her 2015 Nissan Altima and turned onto Brookings Road and then to Ashley 19 and Ashley 20 before turning onto Ashley 16. At some point during the drive, Washington asked Hill to stop the car. Hill told investivators that when she stopped the car Washington began beating and choking her. Hill also reported that all three were armed and that Collins pulled her from the car and Rollow held her down while they beat her.

Hill was allegedly shoved back in the car and held at gunpoint while the three discussed “what they were going to do with her.”

The report directly states, “The victim stated that Seth said she didn’t deserve a bullet and that he would let them know when he hit 60 (miles per hour) so they could throw her out,” Deputy Phillip Roberts wrote in his report.

The report said that Collins was driving the vehicle when the suspects allegedly threw the victim from the vehicle going 60 miles per hour.

Hill reported they shot at her while she was rolling behind the vehicle.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Sunday, the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office was notified that there was a woman screaming for help on Ashley 20. When officers responded, they found Hill badly beaten and bruised and notified the Crossett Fire Department. Officials from the CFD identified a bullet wound on Hill’s right forearm.

Investigators were able to find where the suspects threw Hill’s cell phone and other belongings before they left the area in her vehicle.

According to investigator Josh Polluck, on Sunday three people matching the description of Washington, Collins and Rollow were spotted in Little Rock wandering a neighborhood asking for gas money because the stolen car had run out of gas.

Pulaski County authorities arrested Washington, but were unable to apprehend Collins and Rollow.

Polluck said Washington was arrested around 9 a.m. Monday morning in Pulaski County.

Washington was charged in Pulaski County with two counts of theft and one count of forgery because he allegedly used the victim’s debit card.

Polluck said that Pulaski County had processed the stolen car and they were holding Washington on a warrant.

Polluck also confirmed that Collins and Rollow were arrested by the ASCO late Tuesday afternoon.

Charges will be filed in Ashley County on all three suspects, but those specific details were not available at press time.

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