When Scotty Wayne Penninginton looked at his depth viewfinder while he was fishing on the Ouachita River last week, he saw something that was way too big to be a fish.

Pennington of Crossett said he was fishing near the Crossett Port where the barges load when his viewfinder picked up a large object.

“The picture on these things are so clear now, I knew it was a car,” Pennington said.

Pennington forwarded the information collected by his Hummingbird Mega fish finder to the local authorities.

Investigators at the Crossett Police Department and the Ashley County Sheriff’s office both checked records to see if there was anything on-going that the car might be connected to. They couldn’t find an active investigation related to the vehicle.

Ashley County Sheriff Tommy Sturgeon said that he contacted a diver in Union County to go down and look at the object on Monday afternoon.

The diver verified that the object — which was 24 feet below the surface — was in fact a car, but said he believed the car had been down there for decades.

“He said it looked like it had been down there 50 years, but the port has only been there for 32 years,” Sturgeon said. “Either way, it’s been down there a long time.”

Sturgeon said he knows that Pennington and others have fished that area several times over the years and he doesn’t know why the car was only now spotted. The sheriff said it’s possible that with all of the flood water moving through the river, which is flowing faster than usual, the channel could have been stirred up enough just to make the car visible with a fish finder. He also said that it’s possible that a barge stirred up the water uncovering it, but that there is no way to know for sure.

“I don’t know that it could even be pulled up, it’s deteriorated so bad,” Sturgeon said.

Sturgeon said unless someone has a valid reason that the car should be investigated, they are not going to do anything further.

“We have nothing to go on, if someone can come up with a reason, I’ll investigate it,” Sturgeon said.

If anyone has any information regarding the vehicle they may contact the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department or the Crossett Police Department.

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