A student who brought a handgun to the Crossett High School campus last week did not pose a threat to the school but will still have to face legal consequences, Crossett Police Chief J.W. Cruce said Tuesday.

The student, who Cruce did not identify, had taken the gun to the school the day before it was discovered and placed it under a rock, Cruce said.

“It’s almost an instance where he wanted to impress his friends, to say, ‘Look what I have,’” he said.

“We determined that once he put it down Tuesday, he actually left it overnight and never touched it again.”

Investigators were alerted to the presence of the handgun, which was located near the ditch that runs through the school campus, Wednesday.

The Crossett School District alerted parents of the discovery through a message on its Website and a robocall directing parents to the message, which emphasized that the school did not believe there had been or was an active threat involved with the discovery.

Cruce said the student had apparently discovered the weapon at a second location, and that it appeared to have been damaged to the point of inoperability through exposure.

“It was rusty,” Cruce said. “You could tell it had been exposed to the elements. I am not sure the darn thing would fire. A gun will rust quickly over the course of a week, but this one looked like it had been exposed for a while.”

The police chief said the department would send the gun’s serial number to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to see if they can trace it.

“We’ll see if we can track it to somebody,” he said. “It might have been stolen two years ago.”

The Crossett Police Department has an investigator assigned to the matter and is working with the School Resource Officer Robert Black on the case. Cruce also said they are working with the district Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

“Even though he didn’t make any threats, you still can’t bring a gun to school,” he said.

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