Ashley County investigators reported that seven people were arrested for alleged drug activity at a hotel in Crossett last week.

Ashley County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Tad Huntsman said that the arrest was a result of a suspicious traffic stop made by ACSO Deputy Hunter Smith. Smith reported that he was told during the traffic stop that the driver was on the way to the Levee Inn to see a friend. According to Huntsman, this prompted Smith to “keep an eye on the area.”

“He finished his traffic stop, went to the area of the Levee Inn and started to keep an eye on it,” Huntsman said.

While watching the Levee Inn, Smith reported more of what he considered suspicious behavior to Huntsman. Smith also reported that one of the people going in and out of the room was believed to be Brandon Courson, who Smith knew to be on probation. Huntsman said that when he got the information he verified that Courson had a search waiver on file and contacted Parole and Probation Agent Erik Thomas.

Huntsman and Thomas went in an unmarked vehicle to the Levee Inn. After observing more suspicious behavior and smelling what the officers said they believed to be marijuana, Huntsman approached the hotel room door. Huntsman said the door was open and various illegal items were in plain view.

Huntsman said that seven people were arrested and deputies recovered cash, a “baggie of suspected marijuana,” a digital scale, Brandon Courson’s ID, and two partial pill pieces suspected to be Adderall — a schedule II controlled substance — inside of the hotel room and a “baggie of suspected methamphetamine” outside of the hotel room, which was registered in Brandon Courson’s name.

The people who were in the room were later identified as William Moyers, Brandon Fields, and a juvenile. Those in the room were all arrested along with Brandon Courson and Tyler Courson, who were arrested outside of the room. Huntsman also reported that Payton Kelley and a second juvenile were arrested from a vehicle in the parking lot.

All seven of the individuals were transported to the Ashley County jail. The two juveniles were picked up by White River authorities and transported to a holding facility in Batesville.

As of Monday morning, the five adults arrested were still in custody at the Ashley County Detention Center.

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