The Crossett City Council has an opening following the resignation of a councilwoman Monday night.

Councilwoman Lynn Rodgers, who represented 539 constituents in Ward 1, turned in her resignation during Monday night’s meeting. The other council members voted — although each said reluctantly — to accept her resignation.

Rodgers said that she and her husband were going to be moving their residency from Crossett to a property they own in Wilmot and that she would no longer be eligible to serve out her term.

Rodgers said serving the citizens of Crossett has been one of the greatest educational experiences of her life.

“I leave the service a better person and definitely a better citizen,” Rodgers said.

Councilwoman Crystal Marshall said that Rodgers would be missed greatly as she was a very valuable member of the council.

“The dedication and commitment you have demonstrated to our town is incredible, through your leadership you have inspired us and pushed us to a higher level,” Marshall said. “Undoubtedly we will be able to reap the benefits of your service for many more years to come.”

Mayor Scott McCormick told Rodgers that she made him a better person during her service and that she will be missed.

All of the council members told Rodgers that they had learned so much from her and that she would be a sounding board that would be missed on Monday nights.

The council members must fill her position at the next regular council meeting. The remaining members discussed having a special meeting before the next regular council meeting.

Any person who resides in Ward 1 in Crossett who is interested in being considered by the council for this position needs to contact the mayor’s office or one of the five council members, James Knight, Dale Martinie, CT Foster, Crystal Marshall or Cary Carter.

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