Robots invade CMS for competition

Corrie Kinney of Hamburg works on her robot during competition at the Crossett Middle School Eagles IQ Challenge Saturday. During the challenge, students competed by using their robots to move colored cones around the designated field.

Robots invaded Crossett Saturday.

But don’t worry — it was a peaceful invasion.

The Crossett Middle School Engineering Eagles hosted their first robotics tournament, the Crossett Eagles IQ Challenge, and teams from Crossett, Hamburg, Camden, Magnolia, Pine Bluff and Lake Village competed in the event.

VEX robotics is a program that allows students to build robots and show them off in competition. During this year’s game, the students were tasked with racing against the clock to move cones to a corner space on the competition floor. The students earn points depending on what color game pieces they are able to move.

CMS coach Melissa Martar said the tournament went very well and Crossett plans to make this an annual event.

The Robo-nados from Lake Village finished in first place with a total score of 123. Camden came in second with a total of 116 and the Green Machines another Lake Village team finished third with 111 total points.

The Robonadoes also won the Skills Champion Award, the Judges Award and the Teamwork Champion award.

The Hive from Camden Harmony Grove won the Teamwork Champion award for working with the Robonadoes and The Hive also won the Excellence Award. The Swarm from Harmony Grove won the Design Award.

The Crossett and Hamburg teams didn’t win any of the awards, but Martar said Crossett has already qualified to compete in the national tournament in Iowa next month.

The Engineering Eagles finished in fourth and sixth place. Crossett Engineering Eagle team 2024E was in fourth with 98 points total of their eight matches played and team 2024C placed sixth with 93 points total.

The Hamburg Lion Pride team’s coach, Christie Rice, said the robotics program at Hamburg is relatively new.

This academic year is the Lion Pride’s second year to have a robotics team, and Rice said right now the competition team is only open to fourth and fifth graders.

Lion Pride finished eleventh out of fourteen total teams from Crossett, Camden, Magnolia, Pine Bluff and Lake Village.

The Lion Pride robotics season is over, but the Crossett teams will compete in Monticello on Feb. 16 and next month in Iowa in the national competition.

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