Ashley County Judge Jim Hudson announced Tuesday that the county would be getting approximately $820,000 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act money.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Ashley County Quorum Court, Hudson presented the court with an ordinance and a resolution to create a new line item in the budget and to authorize Hudson to proceed with receiving the CARES ACT funds.

Both items were adopted unanimously.

“This allows us to move forward with getting this money,” Hudson said.

Hudson said the money would be to cover the cost of extra expenses the county has incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“They are reimbursing us for making (the county departments) do what the CDC said they had to do or change,” Hudson said.

 He also said that the money would be used to help entities such as the food banks in the county if they could provide the proper documentation.

“There is money allotted for county fairs because they’ve lost money and the two food banks, one in Hamburg and one in Crossett,” Hudson said.

One of the justices asked about the Portland food bank and if they would be eligible for some of the funds. County Clerk Christie Martin said that any food bank in the county can fill out an application and provide the proper documentation to be eligible.

In other news:

-The court also adopted a resolution that said the county supports the one-cent sales tax that is on the ballot in November. 

Arkansas voters will be asked to renew a tax that is set to expire in 2023. The money collected currently goes to fund road repair and maintenance in the state. Hudson said that if the tax is not renewed Ashley County will lose approximately $785,000 in funding.

-The court’s attorney, David Harrod, reported to the court that the county had been awarded a judgment against the city of Hamburg for approximately $32,000. 

Harrod said that he filed the suit against Hamburg as requested by the quorum court for the landfill fees that the county showed that Hamburg owed. 

However, Harrod said that collecting the money was going to be a little more difficult. 

“Getting the judgment was the easy part, but the collection is the hard part,” Harrod said.

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