Is the dispatch service still active? It is? 10-4.

In a Tuesday vote, the Ashley County Quorum Court approved changing the county’s dispatch contract with Hamburg to the amount the city requested, heading off what had previously appeared to be a shutoff of the service.

In April, the quorum court members discussed that the City of Hamburg had not been paying the agreed amount for the dispatch service that the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office provides to Hamburg Police Department.

Both parties discovered that though a verbal agreement for $48,000 annually had been in place for years and smaller amounts had been paid prior to that, that no agreement had been in writing for more than a decade.

The Quorum had presented an agreement to Hamburg requesting $55,000 per year for the dispatch service provided to the city. The county agreement had come with an ultimatum that the city pay or the service would end in July.

Hamburg countered with a request that the amount be changed to $48,000 as that was all the city had in its budget.

Hamburg sent a check for $28,000 and agreed to pay the remaining $20,000 to fulfill the agreement for dispatch service.

Justice Jeff Langley recommended that the court accept the amount and new contract, but said that a new contract would need to be discussed before Jan. 1.

Langley said the budget committee will discuss the other arrangements at their next meeting.

In other news:

-The court approved the ordinance regarding the purchase of new vehicles for the sheriffs office. The purchases were approved a few months ago, but the

procedure required an ordinance.

-The court also voted to allow County Judge Jim Hudson to cash in a CD valued at $50,000 to purchase a garbage truck that is up for lease renewal. Hudson said that the buyout on the truck was approximately $35,000.

The court also approved that the judge purchase a new packet for the county landfill.

-The Quorum adopted an ordinance that allowed the sale of a garbage truck to Bradley County. The sale was approved in an earlier meeting but had to be formalized by ordinance.

The sale amount approved was $25,000 and the money will go into the county general fund.

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