Pool will have free swim times when it opens

Workers make final repairs and touch-ups to the Crossett City Pool in advance of its opening. The State Health Department still has to give its final approval for the facility before it can open.

The Crossett City Pool is not yet ready to open, but the Crossett City Council decided Monday that when it does open, the public will be allowed temporary free use of the facility.

Councilwoman Crystal Marhsall said that the pool not opening has been a disappointment to many citizens, especially children who have watched and waited.

Marshall said that though the construction is nearly finished, there are still a few things that are required to bring the pool facilities to meet the Arkansas Health Code.

“Despite the fact that we have missed our deadlines, it is very near completion,” Marshall said.

“From what I’ve gathered, it’s going to be around (Aug. 1) and it’s a little disappointing.”

Marshall told the council because the community has been so supportive and so patient that she hoped that the city could do something in return. Marshall suggested that a free swim day or days be organized between the time the pool opens on Aug. 1 and the time students start school on August 13.

“If you want to book a party, you’re going to have to pay to book a party, but I mean for the open swim times could we arrange something for the public,” Marshall said.

“It would give citizens a chance to see the pool.”

Councilman Dale Martinie said that he supported the idea as long as the pool manager and employees were involved and the structure was done so as not to overwhelm them.

“I think we could allow some creativity with it; it has a 200 bather capacity, but we don’t want to turn people away,” Marshall said.

Councilwoman Lynn Rodgers said she trusted the pool manager, Sara Hollimon, and Mayor Scott McCormick to come up with a creative solution to allow some type of free public swim.

The council voted unanimously to allow Hollimon to offer free swim opportunities for the first two weeks that the pool is open.

After the Crossett Public School District begins classes for the new academic year, and until the pool closes for winter, the regular fees will be assessed.

Marshall said that all other activities such as the water yoga and other swim classes would still have a fee.

In addition, Mashall said that the eighth graders who won the free pass to the pool would be allowed the free pass next year since the pool will only be open for such a short time this year.

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