Construction of phase one of the Crossett City Pool’s improvements toward eventual reopening began last week, and pool committee members said that the pool could be open by summer.

The city pool closed in 2016 and several groups in the community formed to find a way to fund the needed repairs and other expenses.

The total project including tennis courts and other amenities is estimated to cost around $500,000 and the Crossett Swim Again organization and other groups have conducted multiple fundraisers in an effort to collect the funds.

A large part of the funding came from grants written by Cherub Alford, the Crossett Economic Development Foundation’s grant writer. Crossett was awarded a grant for $250,000 from the Department of Parks and Tourisms Outdoor Recreation Grants Program and a grant for $100,000 from the Blue and You Foundation. Alford has worked directly with Crossett Swim Again and the city Parks and Recreation Commission to assist with the project.

The remaining funds came from local business donations, community member donations, small fundraiser, local organizations and other fundraising efforts.

“The community really came together and worked really hard for this,” Alford said.

According to Alford, the construction by Mid America Pools began last week and phase one is expected to be completed sometime in May. There are four total phases of construction which include the repair of the six tennis courts, pavilions or shaded areas for the pool, a splash pad and possibly a basketball court if funding allows.

Alford said that phase one includes the pool and one of the tennis courts. “Weather permitting, we are hoping to see phase one completed in May,” Alford said.

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