The beginning of the end of the former Crossett High School building should come before the New Year.

Crossett School Superintendent Gary Williams announced at Monday night’s school board meeting that asbestos abatement in the former Crossett High School building would begin Dec. 17.

While Williams did not give an exact date, he said that demolition would begin between Christmas and New Year.

Williams had originally planned an open house for those who wished to walk through the old building and the new one for last Saturday, but because of inclement weather moved the event to the Saturday, Dec. 15.

“A typo originally went up on our Facebook page saying that open house would be from 2 until 5 p.m., but it was supposed to say from (noon) until 4 p.m.,” CHS Principal Anthony Boykin said.

Williams said that most places in the old high school will be available for walk through, though some may be marked off where crews are already planning for the asbestos abatement.

“We welcome the public and anyone who wants to walk through the halls of the school one last time to join us Saturday,” Williams said.

Boykin also reported to the council that the transition to the new $20 million, 129,850-square foot CHS campus — which began with classes for the first time Dec. 3 — was going well and that the students and teachers were adapting more and more each day.

“We’ve had few tardies and the students are really getting in the hang of things,” Boykin told the school board.

In other news:

• The school board approved out-of-state travel for four middle school teachers and four high school teachers to attend a conference in Washington, D.C.

• The school board approved for Karen Frisby to attend a legal conference in Orlando to learn more about special education laws.

• The board approved the amended invoice for furniture in the new high school in the amount of $216, 580.62. The original amount approved in June did not include sales tax, and therefore the total had to be amended.

• Crossett Elementary School students presented a video to the council that they made while learning about concussions and how to recognize and treat them.

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