A former Crossett School District school building will soon be offered for sale to the public

The CSD board of trustees approved Monday a recommendation by Superintendent Gary Williams that the North Crossett Primary Building in North Crossett be listed for sale once the proper announcements and notices have been given.

Williams said the tenants who have been in the building have vacated and the building is empty.

It is undecided at this time whether the school building will be put on the market or offered at auction, but Williams said he is leaning more toward auction because he believes that could be the fastest way to move the property.

At the meeting, the school board also finalized the majority of the list of teachers and staff who will either join or stay with the Crossett School District during the 2019-2020 school year.

Most of the CSD teachers were rehired, with only a few resignations and retirements accepted.

The licensed resignations from Crossett High School include Kristin Morris and Zachary Harrison, and Lauren McDill at Crossett Elementary School.

Beth Parker will be retiring as a special education paraprofessional and bus aide. Heather Marabanian was hired to take Melissa Martin’s place as Eaglette sponsor as Martin’s resignation from that position was accepted Monday night as well.

In other news:

-The school board approved the purchase of new security cameras for the elementary building in the amount of $65,854.15.

-The school board accepted a bid from Debra Harbour, who will be offered the contract for the CHS prom pictures.

-The board approved the out-of-state travel request for the first graders to travel to Monroe April 26 to the Magical Garden.

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