New Years' ball drop planned in Crossett

City crews practice assembling the ball that will be hoisted up the flag pole on Main Street for the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Crossett.

The City of Crossett will have it’s inaugural New Year’s Eve Ball Drop celebration to ring in 2020.

Crossett Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Sarah Hollimon said city employees designed and built the ball, which will feature more than 1,200 lights.

City crews took down the American Flag from the flag pole on Main Street near Citizen’s Bank and tested the ball last week.

Hollimon said the ball is basically a round cage styled ball that Anthony Cockrell designed. Cockrell worked with the city crew to weld it.

The ball comes together to go around the flagpole and can be used for years to come.

Hollimon said the crews will wench the ball up the flag pole to drop it at midnight to celebrate the New Year.

The idea was one of a number that Hollimon has cooked up since taking her position as assistant director of parks and recreation.

“The city is doing this, there are no business sponsor ships,” Hollimon said.   

Mayor Scott McCormick said he appreciates Hollimon’s passion for Crossett and her out of the box thinking.

Hollimon said she is really focused on not only giving the residents of Crossett something to do and things to be proud of, but also on bringing people to Crossett even if it’s only for a short time to experience something like a New Year’s Eve ball drop.

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