Even with five candidates on the ballot, one candidate still managed to win the mayoral election without a runoff and become Crossett’s first elected female mayor.

Mayor Crystal Marshall will continue serving the citizens of Crossett from City Hall after she received 48 percent of the total votes cast — 550 of 1,144 — during Tuesday’s special election to finish late Mayor Scott McCormick’s term.

Marshall marked the win with a call to get things done.

“We have very much hard work to do together and I am excited to continue what we’ve started,” Marshall said. 

“I am so thankful to the citizens of Crossett for putting their faith in me and I do not take that lightly and will absolutely give everything I have to make our town excel.”

The Crossett City Council appointed Marshall and she was previously sworn in as mayor in April after late Mayor Scott McCormick died unexpectedly.  Her oath of office in that instance was effective until the results of an election could be ratified.

Though Marshall was already sworn in as mayor, the document expired after the speical election. Marshall’s new swearing in ceremony will be later this week.

Other contenders in the race included Councilman Dale Martinie, Kevin Cosby, Sarah Hollimon and David Newberry.

Martinie received 294 votes, Cosby received 78 votes, Newberry received 130 votes and Hollimon received 92 votes.

“I am filled with overwhelming respect for the other candidates and I cannot stress enough how difficult it is to run for any office and anyone who puts themselves out there in such a vulnerable way deserves to be commended,” Marshall said. 

“All of the candidates had good ideas and I look forward to working with each one of them.”

In comments posted online following the results, Cosby congratulated Marshall on the win.

“May we all support her and work together to advance Crossett,” he said. “Dale Martinie, Sarah Hollimon, David Newberry, all ran a great race.”

Martinie likewise issued his congratulations online.

“Now, let’s all get behind Mayor Marshall to turn our city around into the fantastic place we all know it can be,” he said. 

“I will work my tail off to help while on the council until December and will certainly help all I can as a citizen of this fantastic town.”

Newberry thanked those who backed him before saying he would offer prayers for the newly elected mayor.

“I want to thank all of you who cast your vote for me the past few weeks. It is humbling to know I have so many friends,” he said. 

“Congratulations to Crystal Marshall on her win. We will pray for her, our other city leaders and the future of Crossett.”

Crossett had 3,129 registered voters eligible to cast ballots in the election, meaning approximately 37 percent of the electorate turned out for the race.

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