A Bastrop man died following an apparent farming accident in Ashley County last week.

Deputies from the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department responded Aug. 28 to a call that a man was trapped inside farm equipment in Wilmot.

Reports at the sheriff’s department said that deputies Taylor Spaulding and Christopher Riordan were dispatched at approximately 5:24 p.m. to a field off of Ashley County Road 38.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the victim, Darryl Jackson, on the ground in front of the combine tractor and it appeared both of his legs had been amputated and tied off with a tourniquet. Spaulding reported that Jackson was conscious when he first arrived on the scene.

The report states that the operator of the combine equipment advised deputies that the “header on the combine had got into a bind and was unable to turn.” The operator reported that he put the combine in reverse and backed into a field to work on the header. The operator said he activated all safety switches and turned the machine off before exiting.

The report states that Jackson arrived and was assisting the operator when the incident occurred. The report states that the machine had not yet finished its cycle and was still under pressure. According to the operator, when Jackson freed the header, it completed its final cycle, causing the accident.

The operator did what he could to assist Jackson out of the equipment and tied both of his legs off with a tourniquet while they waited on emergency services to arrive.

FAST Ambulance service was unable to bring the ambulance out on the fields due to poor terrain, the report said. Riordan met the ambulance on Ashley Road 38 to transport the paramedics to the scene in his patrol car.

When the paramedics arrived, Jackson was unconscious and paramedics could not find a pulse.

Spaulding reported that he was advised to contact the county coroner.

Deputy Coroner Guy Hughes arrived and pronounced Jackson dead at the scene.

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